The inspiration for this piece came from a spider stuffed animal that was given to me by my boyfriend. The reason I chose this stuffed animal is because although I have a huge fear of spiders, it reminds me of the reason that my boyfriend gave me the stuffed animal. He gave me the stuffed animal as a gift to commemorate one of our first dates. On this date, we went to the park where I almost ran into a spider web that was home to a giant spider; I screamed as I was terrified of what could have happened if I did run into the web, we laughed because of how hard I screamed, and a great memory was born from it.

I wanted to emulate how that first date felt, and how I feel every time that I see the stuffed animal. Every time I see this stuffed animal I am reminded of my boyfriend and of that night, and I feel warm inside and happy. But I also feel a bit scared because then I remember how I almost collided with a giant spider. I created half of the body in gestural lines and half of contour lines, cutting it almost directly in the middle of the body. I wanted to give this spider the illusion as if it was moving fast; almost like how fast I ran away from the spider that night on my date. Therefore, one side is more clean cut and relaxed, while the other side is more wild and crazy.