For this project, I found a chair that I really liked the design of it. I was able to find templates that they had made, yet there were no measurements for it. So then came the hard part of trying to figure out the measurements to make it a good-sized chair. To do this, I measured the templates on the paper, and then decided the paper template could be one fifth scale. Then all I had to do was multiply each measurement by five to get my full-scale measurements. At first, I was going to glue two pieces of cardboard together to make it sturdier. However as tough as it was to get the measurements laid out on cardboard, I decided to chance it with one piece. Once I was finished and assembled it together. Then I had to put my chair to the final test—siting on it. I was afraid at first that my laziness to not do double the cardboard would not hold the weight of a person. I sat in it though, and it held up great! I had completed the chair and it was a working chair. It was also comfortable too. After doing this, I also wish I could have had cleaner cuts and that I thought of covering it with fabric or painting it to make it more aesthetic than regular cardboard. Either way, I am proud of the outcome!