For this performance, I decided to use canvas, paint, darts, glitter, and water balloons to create art. I inspiration from the film “The Princess Diaries” in which one scene the characters throw darts at water balloons filled to the brim with darts to relieve stress.

However, in their performance they did not do it to create art from the paint. In my case, I decided to barely fill the water balloons with paint so that I could fill the rest with air and have the paint splatter when popped instead of drip. I also decided to fill some of the balloons with air and glitter to add another element to the canvas, knowing the glitter would stick to the paint. Once the balloons were filled, I attached them directly to the canvases with push pins. I put cardboard in the space behind the canvases to prevent them from getting destroyed in the process. I placed the canvases on a ladder with bungee cords to secure them.

Once this was done, the fun could begin. I stood away and threw darts at the balloons so they would pop and create unpredictable colorful and sparkly art. When I was all done, I think it was a big success, especially the second canvas because I added more glitter in the balloons.

Click to see slow motion video of balloon popping!!


Filling the water balloons with paint and then filling them with air, I had to take my glasses off because some of them were popping and getting paint EVERYWHERE.
Having a fun time popping them with darts!
Here is a close up action shot of the dart heading towards the balloon; unfortunately we did not get any photos of them mid pop.
This is the first canvas I did; ignore the red paint all over my clothes and face! It was messy but fun!
Here is a close up of the second canvas I did. In my opinion I like this one better because I added more balloons filled with glitter this time.